The TNS planning committee is listed below. Thanks to these folks for their hard work in planning and executing this year's event!

Advertising and Marketing

Student Coordinator: Beatrice Lin
Staff Coordinator: Jasmine Omeke, Career Advancement

Applied Sciences and Industry

Student Coordinators: Brian Schwartz and Nina Mendez
Staff Coordinator: Tara Ford, Career Advancement


Student Coordinators: Jason Li and Sucheta Kinger
Staff Coordinator: Scott Metcalf, Career Advancement


Student Coordinators: Stephanie Liu and Hob Du
Staff Coordinator: Julia Bishop, Career Advancement

Education, Teaching, and Policy

Student Coordinators: Lecy Campbell, Leah Shapiro, and Zoey Twyford
Staff Coordinators: Andy Tousignant, Career Advancement

Entertainment and Creative Arts

Student Coordinator: Andrew Mao
Staff Coordinator: Candance Mui, Career Advancement

Entrepreneurship (Roundtable)

Student Coordinator: Amy Ma
Staff Coordinator: Jerry Huang, Career Advancement


Student Coordinator: Fernando Guerrero
Staff Coordinator: Patrick Phillips, Career Advancement

Government and Policy

Student Coordinators: Xinyue Xia and Addison Jeske
Staff Coordinator: Alma Barragan, Career Advancement


Student Coordinators: Justin Jia, Frances Enger, and Zoe Levine
Staff Coordinator: Cassie Flambouras, Career Advancement

Humanities and Social Sciences

Student Coordinators: Siobhan O'Carroll and Maria Buckley
Staff Coordinator: Meg Sieberg, Career Advancement

Information Technology and Computing (Roundtable)

Student Coordinator: John Schlaak                                                                           Staff Coordinator: Thalia Kapica, IT Services

Journalism, Publishing, and Media Relations

Student Coordinator: Evangeline Reid
Staff Coordinator: Ben Waltzer, Career Advancement


Student Coordinators: Miki Takeshita, Valerie Gutmann, and Claudia Benz
Staff Coordinator: Maria Vertuno, Career Advancement

Museums and Libraries (Roundtable)

Student Coordinator: Michael Weinrib
Staff Coordinator: Emily Treptow, University of Chicago Library

National Scholarships and Fellowships

Staff Coordinators: Nichole Fazio-Veigel and Nicholas Morris, College Center for Scholarly Advancement 

NGOs and International Relations

Student Coordinators: Elizabeth Ortiz and Adriana Rakshana
Staff Coordinator: Sylvia Atsalis, Career Advancement

Research Sciences

Student Coordinators: Katie Zellner and Satya Krishnan
Staff Coordinators: Nicole Chen, Career Advancement

Social Innovation and Community Change

Student Coordinator: Anne Wang
Staff Coordinator: Xavier Ramey, University Community Service Center

Sustainability (Roundtable)

Student Coordinator: Daphne McKee
Staff Coordinator: Charlotte Franklin, Career Advancement

Urban Planning and Development (Roundtable)

Student Coordinator: Eitan Rude
Staff Coordinator: Nelida Garcia, Career Advancement

Your Major, Your Career

Staff Coordinators: Melissa Smith, Career Advancement and Swapna Chinniah, Office of the Dean of Students in the College 

Staff Coordinator: Nelida Garcia, Career Advancement

Breakfast - Summer Strategies Student Panel

Student Moderator
Jarnickae Wilson, Class 2017 - Physics

Student Panelists
Saieesh Rao, Class 2017 - Biological Chemistry
Ajith John, Class of Class 2017 - History and Political Science
Darien Dey, Class 2018 - Sociology