Consulting is a profession that requires top-notch problem solving and analytical skills. Consultants advise a wide variety of clients, ranging from multinational Fortune 500 companies to tiny tech startups to non-profit organizations, on critical issues facing their businesses. They are experts in strategy, marketing, operations, transformations, sustainability, and more. They utilize their knowledge to transform their clients’ businesses in order to maximize profit, efficiency, and impact. This year, panelists and roundtable discussion leaders hail from a wide range of professional backgrounds and together, they will share their experiences entering and working in the consulting industry from UChicago. Join us for the opportunity to meet, listen to and ask questions about the consulting industry.

Panel Participants

Jenna Anderson , AB'07, MBA'14

Principal, The Boston Consulting Group
Table: 23

Ms. Anderson graduated from the College in 2007 with a degree in Anthropology and an MBA from Booth in 2014. While in the College, she interned at the Field Museum and led the Undergraduate Anthropology Society. After the College, she worked at Chicago Children's Museum, CPS, and a boutique investment bank. Post-Booth, she joined the Boston Consulting Group where she is currently a Principal focused on Industrial Goods and Marketing, Sales & Pricing topics, with deep expertise in Industrial Distribution. She lives in Chicago with her husband, loves eating tacos and is a member of the College's Alumni Board.

Chuni Fann, AB'16

Senior Analyst, Cornerstone Research
Table: 18

Mr. Fann graduated from the College in 2016 with a degree in Economics and Statistics. He is now a senior analyst at Cornerstone Research, where he works on economic and financial analyses for attorneys involved in high stakes litigation. Mr. Fann has experience working on securities class action, consumer fraud, and discrimination lawsuits. At Cornerstone, he leads the "Green" Corporate and Social Responsibility Committee, and the Support for Life After Cornerstone Committee.

Howard Niden, MBA'84, AB'80

Table: 22

Mr. Niden graduated from the College where he received an AB and MBA. He has held a variety of positions including Co-Founder, EVP, Chief Product Architect at Textura Corporation and Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he ran the North American system integration practice, managed a variety of large-scale strategy and system integration projects for clients in services, consumer products and industrial products industries. His clients included Kellogg, Westinghouse, GE, Caremark and Sony. He has lectured at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business where he conceived, designed and taught two separate courses. He currently spends his time working with early-stage businesses and volunteers at a variety of organizations. He is also a member of the both the IEEE and ACM.

Philippe Podhorecki, AM'08, UVA'07

Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting
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Philippe completed the Committee on International Relations Master's program at the University of Chicago in 2008. Prior to Chicago, he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia in 2007. After working for the Department of Defense for years, he joined Deloitte Consulting in late 2009 where he spends most of his time shaping and leading transformation programs for Fortune 500 organizations. He lives in Chicago with his wife, daughter, and their chocolate lab.